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About us

Vwonder is a community-based design and development company. We develop wooden static and mechanical DIY models, 3D puzzles and educational kits that delves into the concept of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (STEAM).


Our model kits come with everything you need for assembly. All parts are precision laser pre-cut into premium plywood for easy removal and assembly. A detailed step-by-step instructions manual will guide you through the assembly process. No special expertise, tools or equipment are required to assemble these models. Each model has its own unique functionality, to delight you, your family and friends.

As you will assemble these models, you will engage your kinesthetic senses to discover the key principle of simple machines, identify problems and attempt to resolve them in a creative way. You will savor the thrill of self-propelled mechanical action; which is amiss with instant powered machines that function without an electric socket or battery. These models will propel you to know more about not just science but also history, traditional craftsmanship, art and the mechanics of how things work.

In today’s world, of excessive digital exposure - creating these models will provide an exciting getaway for families and friends to create something beautiful together. Once you complete the assembly, you will have not just a souvenir, but the beautiful and insightful journey of building something with your own hands. These models are a piece of art that would not only decorate your table but also serve as unique gifts for almost all age groups.

If these DIY models excite you and you have a designer instinct within; this is the place to get started!

V-Wonder invites you to join us for ideation, design and development.

We promise to transform your idea into a product.

Build. Play. Learn.

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