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Our Philosophy


Wonder is a powerful emotion; it can ignite your creativity. Through these models we want to stimulate a sense of wonder in you.

Since ancient times, humans have wondered about nature and science that led to numerous discoveries and invention of extraordinary devices. Through our models, we have tried to revive such devices that will stimulate you to think how in ancient times such precise devices were developed. You will not only learn about science but also about history, traditional craftsmanship, art and the mechanics of how things work.

Our models are excellent form of experiential learning. We want to demonstrate the concept of science, technology, engineering, arts, mathematics (STEAM) in simple yet effective manner. Moreover, the assembly of such DIY kit helps in developing cognitive and lateral thinking.

We are committed to environmental sustainability and our products are 100% natural and safe for children. In todays’ world where the market is flooded with plastic toys, our products are without any plastic, chemicals, wire or battery.

Building these models will provide an exciting get away for families and friends to create something beautiful together. We want to bring people together and spread joy.

Welcome to the world of Vwonder !

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