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  • Do I need to cut parts out of the boards?
    No, the parts are pre-cut and you should just press them out of the board. They are connected with small notch. If you have some difficulties to remove a detail, just cut the notch with a utility knife.
  • How do we assemble the model and is there any specific advice on assembly?
    All the parts are precise laser pre-cut for easy removal and assembly. The kit comes with a detailed instruction manual to help you assemble the model. To avoid any breakage, we recommend that you use a utility knife to take out the parts specially for the small parts. For the long pieces ty to press at the side that is relatively wider. Laser cutting leaves burrs at times; we recommend you to use sandpaper to remove the burrs and rough surface. After using the sandpaper, you can apply wax to smoothen the rotating parts (such as gears). You may during/upon the assembly use sandpaper to smoothen the surface. This will only make your model look beautiful.
  • Is it possible to color the models?
    Yes, you can paint it. We recommend to use watercolor or poster color. You can also use acrylic paints for the surface but avoid using them on the gears cogs, shafts, washer or spacer, as it may interfere with working of model.
  • What do I need to assemble a model?
    You don’t need any special tools to assemble these models. The parts will join with snap-fit arrangement. At times a join may become loose or in case the part is only as a top layer (without any slot), you may use glue to fix them. Some models will come with wooden shafts (standard toothpick 65 * 2 mm). Depending on the specific model, there can be fishing line, stickers etc. What it is not given in the set but may be necessary during the work: office knife.
  • What to do if it's difficult to install a shaft/axle on the frame?
    The shaft or the axle will be much easier to install if you grease the parts with wax provided with the kit. If you can't install the axle, it is recommended to disassemble the construction and grease the internal parts of a gear with a candle wax.
  • Can children assemble and collect your models?
    We definitely can say that a child of 12 years old can assemble our models. Children less than 12 years age will need parents’ help. We encourage parents to expose kids to such assembly exercise, which would help them develop a sense of building. Assembly of such kind provides an opportunity to unite children and their parents.
  • Spare and replacement parts for Vwonder models?
    You will work with a natural material that is nice to the touch. The premium plywood is sufficiently durable, although sometimes you may need a few spare parts. We completed each kits with spare parts, but in case, you need extra ones, please, feel free to contact us at We would ask you to provide us with your postal address, the list of the required parts and the photos of the corresponding board or detail. Vwonder team will send the requested spare parts to the address provided in your e-mail by post. We want to assure you that the assembly of Vwonder models is a pleasant, interesting and fun pastime. Vwonder wants to share the joy of creativity and bring people together through making things with their own hands. Take your time enjoying the assembly while the detailed and comprehensive illustrated step-by-step instructions take you along the way.
  • Can I return model?
    Yes, of course, you can return or take a refund (if it is if applicable). Please check our Return Policy.
  • Are Vwonder products safe for kids?
    Children safety is our utmost priority. Our products are made of natural wood without any treatment, chemicals or polish. All our products are 100% safe for use by children.
  • I received the wrong item.
    We’re so sorry for the mix up with your order! Please email our Customer Support team via email ( to get help with it.
  • Is it safe to use my credit card at Vwonder online store?
    Your personal online security is important to us. All payments are through third parties which are secure enough and protect customers’ interests. We do not store and transmit your personal and credit card information, all your shipping information at Vwonder are 100% protected and safe.
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