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The Process


The process starts with a conceptual design considering the theory we want to demonstrate through a model. We believe that despite the digital technology available today, sketching on paper with a good old-fashioned pencil is always the place to start.

About Our Leather

CAD design

Once we have sketches of our models, we use Computer Aided Design (CAD) tools to define the scale, dimensions, alignment and mechanisms. While the main objective of design is the functionality of the model, we also ensure that the design maintains a sense of aesthetics. The CAD design undergoes multiple iterations basis the functional performance of the model.

Laser Technology

The models are precise laser cut into premium plywood for easy removal and assembly. Parts are engraved with high quality DPI engraving and marking. Each part is numbered. The parts join together with snap-fit arrangement and doesn’t require any special tool or glue. The sheets along with the assembly instruction and accessories are packed as a kit for you.

Laser cutting compressed.jpg
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