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In our childhood everyone of us had created our own colorful world of miracles and fantasies full of elfs and fairies. What if you could revive those memories? Check out our new launch “Kaleidoscope”


A simple looking object from outside has an amazing and beautiful view from inside. The random play of colors of the kaleidoscope induces memories of carefree childhood and their mysteries.


This DIY model can be one of the first instruments that a kid can experiment with and learn how magical a simple light reflection can be. Through this kaleidoscope, children themselves explore the beauty of symmetry and pattern. It’s a great educational toy for learning and fun.


Our model is made of imported wood without using any dyes or impregnation agents (100 % natural).  The model has been designed beautifully and handcrafted with love. The crash proof acrylic mirrors make the model light and safe for kids.


This simple toy is a perfect gift for your kids or friends. Great for children's birthdays, class awards, prizes, return gift bags, party bag fillers.


Size: 20 x 4.5 x 4.5 cm (LxWxH)


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