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Moon Volvelle

  • This simple but extraordinary device is an astronomical tool that was used in ancient times to predict and determine astronomical events. You can determine the positions of the sun and moon, the duration of the day and night for each day of the year. You can also determine solar time using the moon’s sundial shadow.


    This fascinating device will stimulate you to think how in ancient times such precise devices were made. You will not only learn about science but also about history, craftsmanship, art and how things work.


    The kit comes with assembly instructions explaining how to assemble and use the model. You don’t need any special tools to assemble the model. The parts are precise laser cut into premium plywood for easy removal and assembly. It’s not just an astronomical device but is a piece of art and a perfect gift for friends and science enthusiasts.

    Size: The assembled model has a diameter of approx. 200mm with a height of approx. 12mm

    Age: 12+


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