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  • Since the earliest times people have regulated their lives by the apparent motions of the Sun and the shadows cast by its rays. A sundial is a device to measure time using the position of the Sun.

    Studying sundials will allow you to discover various disciplines: history, techniques of art (fresco, engraving, etc.), celestial mechanics, and many more.

    The parts are precise laser cut into premium plywood for easy removal and assembly. Anyone can assemble the model with the help of a detailed assembly instruction manual. The Sundial demonstrates quite accurate time regardless of the geography. It also has the provision for adjusting the arc for a given latitude. The magnetic compass will help you set the right orientation.

    The model once assembled can find a perfect spot in your house not only as a functional piece but also as a piece of art. It’s a great project for all age groups to understand and witness how such marvelous devices were developed in ancient times.

    It’s a perfect STEM DIY gift for all the science enthusiasts who wonder about how things work.

    Kit Content

    - About 40 components made of premium plywood, laser cut and engraved

    - Assembly instruction with parts list and detailed description of assembly


    The model is suitable for people who are 6 years and above. However, for kids under age 12, we recommend adults assistance and supervision.


    Size: The assembled model has a size of approx. 25 x 21 x 18 cm (LxWxH).

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